Lunar Calendar
Connecting Multiculturalism on a Global Scale

This project is one of Canada Post's most prestigious projects. It is a set of stamps and stamp paraphernalia for collectors in the Asian community and many of the stamp items are purchased and sent to China. It is a project that has occured every year for the past ten years. The calendar is based on the 12-year cycle represented by the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The year, 2006 was the year of the dog.


  • The stamps must communicate to both Asian and North American communities
  • The stamps must have their own unique design
  • The Year of the Dog must be researched to illuminate the characteristics and historical significance of this particular zodiac
  • Both international and domestic stamp design is required
  • A souvenir sheet, poster, envelopes, book which includes a minted coin and post cards must be tied together with a unique and consistent design

Through research, it became clear that people born during the year of the dog are attributed the following traits: family oriented, watchful, guardians and keepers of the gate. Consequently, the shape of the stamp was designed to resemble a doorway and the dog was placed in the doorway as the guardian protecting it. A gold grid pattern runs through the stamp and represents a gate as people born in the year of the dog are considered protective, guardians of family and friends.

We produced a two stamp design; both domestic and international. We produced a souvenir sheet, poster, envelope, book, including a minted coin, and post cards. The process for creating stamps is complex and for this series, the process lasted a full year from start to finish. An enormous amount of coordination was involved; from committee meetings to meeting deadlines for each piece of the project. The design also entailed experimentation with unique processes such as embossing and foil stamping.

This stamp series won an international stamp competition and was voted the best international stamp of 2007 by the Chinese Government.

Alain Leduc
Canada Post Corporation